FSBO For Sale By Owner Real Estate Listings By Email

Persistent, Annoying Real Estate Agents...
Or, Are They Just Doing Their Job?

By Noel Peebles
Co-Author For Sale By Owner Home Selling Secrets ebook.

List your property FSBO (for sale by owner) and your phone will run hot, but
not necessarily from who you would expect (or hope) would ring.

Facing a barrage of calls from agents wanting to list your property is
something you need to be prepared for. The agents are only doing their job,
so don’t get too annoyed or upset. Besides, agents are use to knock-backs
and in most cases immune to abuse. Just be polite and tell them you don't
want them to list your property, because you are going to sell it FSBO

A helpful agent may even offer some tips and guidance to help you list your
property FSBO.

However, some agents are extremely persistent (annoying) and won't take no
for an answer.

They will ring telling you they have a buyer. But wait! Don’t slam down the
phone too quickly, because the agent might honestly be telling the truth.
They might genuinely have a buyer for your house. In reality, what they
usually mean, is that they have buyers who are looking to buy a house in
your area. Not necessarily your house, but “a” house in your area. I'm sure
you'll agree there is a big difference!

The agent may even ask, “Is it alright if I bring someone around to have a

Again that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have a buyer for your home.
Remember, the agent is in the business of showing people through houses.

In most cases, the agent will just be fishing in the hope that he or she can
list your property. The agent will know that many home owners lack the
skills and persistence to sell their own home. It's a waiting game. The
agent will just want to get his or her foot in the door, so that they can
pitch for your commission, if and when the time comes.

If you do want to sell your property FSBO, then just tell the agent the

If the agent persists then suggest they post you some information. They
probably won’t bother.

And, you’ll also get calls from bargain hunters. Some people think that just
because a property is advertised FSBO, that the buyer is desperate, or that
the normal agents commission can be knocked off the price even before
starting to negotiate. When you list your property FSBO, it is important to
keep an open mind, but always be wary.

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