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Listing Bonuses For New Real Estate Listings!

    If you act now and add your home to our MLS real estate listings Fifty States FSBO will throw in some incredible added values. Why would we add-on so many great things? We want the whole world to find out about Fifty States FSBO and its services. The happier you are with us, the more people you will tell about our real estate site. Our constantly updated and powerful "FSBO" or "For Sale By Owner" multiple listings service is the best on the Internet. There are so many buyer and seller features at Fifty States FSBO that we simply blow away other real estate sites. If you are in the market to sell your own home then Fifty States FSBO is the best place on the Internet to do it. Quickly, easily, and cost effectively.

If you have never listed a home for sale with Fifty States FSBO, we have a SPECIAL OFFER so you just CAN'T LOSE! We would like our real estate listings customers to learn how powerful the Fifty States Realty online multiple listings service system really is!

Carpe Diem! Seize the Day!

   Don't delay listing your property for sale! You have a lot to gain, and absolutely nothing to lose.

    This is what EVERYONE who wants to sell their own home, or prelists their home, will get by adding their real estate listing right now:

    A FREE one year membership with the VR Cities Home Owners Association. A $20.00 value!

    A FREE year of access to the VR Cities private support site. A $50.00 value!

    A FREE Ebook " The Home Owners Online Marketing Kit". A $25.00 value!

    Another FREE Ebook "Wholesale Sources 2002". A $25.00 value!

    Another FREE Ebook "eBay Marketing 2002". The latest eBay marketing course. A $25.00 value!

    That's a $145.00 value for listing your home, absolutely FREE! Yes, you heard right. We are paying you with the valuable bonuses above to list your real estate on Fifty States FSBO.

Sell A House Now

  • The FREE Economy Plan. Get a 1 month FREE listing to sell your home using the Fifty States Economy plan and recieve ALL the bonuses listed above.
  • Purchase The Value Added Plan. Receive ALL the bonuses listed above, PLUS:
    1. * A FREE Fifty States FSBO featured home ad. A $60.00 value!
    2. A FREE one year domain name registration and three months hosting with VRCities FREE. A $35.00 value!
    3. A FREE one year membership with FairShares4U. A $20.00 value! Or a 50% reduced fee on a Founding Memberhip. A $50.00 value!
    4. A Free guide to building your own web Site. A $12.00 value!
    5. Credit Secrets 2002, everything you should know about credit. A $20.00 value!
  • Purchase The Premiere Plan Receive EVERYTHING listed above, PLUS
      1. FREE An Additonal year of domain name registration and nine-months hosting with VRCities. A $100.00 value!
      2. FREE Founding Membership (in place of one-year membership) with FairShares4U. A $100.00 value!
      3. FREE "Email marketing strategies" ebook. A $50.00 value!
      4. FREE "Consumer Deluxe Reports". More than 2,000 reports including legal forms. Sold for $20.00 or more online!
      5. FREE "Inside the Minds of Winners" ebook. A $37.00 value!
      6. FREE "21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires". Tape or CD. A $20.00 value!

Pre-Listing To Sell A House Now

    Even if you are not yet ready to sell your own home now but are thinking about selling your own home in the future, our for sale by owner MLS listings are a perfect fit for you. If you would like to know what buyers might pay for your house, simply pre-list your home for sale on Fifty States FSBO today. There is absolutely no obligation for our Economy Plan and you will receive ALL the bonuses listed for it.

    In addition to the bonuses, you will also receive a FREE market analysis and will have the advantage of receiving additional services that can help increase the value of your home.

    For more information on selling your own home with a Fifty States Realty pre-listing, and its benefits: Click Here.

   * For a limited time receive a "Featured Home" ad on the State Search page for FREE (a $59.95 value) when you purchase a Value Added or Premiere Plan. Your home will be featured through rotation on the State Search page whenever a potential home buyer selects to search in your state. It also includes an enhanced listing on the search results page.

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